Webinar Wednesday: Videoconference and Teleconference Tools To Support Virtual Care

April 8, 2020 – Virtual Communication In Health – Mario Voltolina, CTO Infoway, Kathy Steegstra, Exec Director, Office of Virtual Health PHSA, Jean-Claude Lemonde Director IS Operations & Marc-Andre Lepine, Snr Technical System Analyst, The Ottawa Hospital

 As the response to COVID-19 places additional demands on the Canadian health care system, many jurisdictions are sanctioning/considering the (short-term) use of “mass market” videoconference/teleconference tools that can be used to support virtual care. Though it is preferable to use products that are thoroughly vetted with respect to security (and integrated with other health technologies), most Canadian privacy legislation expects that personal health information be safeguarded using measures that are “reasonable in the circumstances”. 

 This webinar will discuss several “mass market” videoconferencing products in order to support decisions about what “mass market” tools to use, if any, to support virtual care. Representatives from BC and Ontario organisations will speak to their experiences with some of these products and Canada Health Infoway will share the information resource they created as well.