Webinar Wednesday – User-Centred Design in the Development of a Digital Health Intervention

February 5, 2020 – Holistic Referral Management Through Integration – Presented by Mesharmi Alwashmi PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, BreatheSuite

Many of the barriers to using digital health can be avoided with better planning and collaboration. Implementing a user-centred design with a team of health care professionals and patient advocates may facilitate the successful uptake of digital health interventions. User-centered design recognizes the complexity, subjectivity, and changing nature of health status. In addition, it links multiple episodes of care offered by diverse providers into continuous, integrated care trajectories unique to the particular patient. Contemporary iterative development methods — such as agile development and usability testing — could reduce the challenges created by users or environment requirements that evolve during the development lifecycle.

In this session, real-world cases  will be used to demonstrate how to use contemporary tools to assist in the rapid development and usability testing of digital health interventions. Attendees can expect to leave this session with a new perspective on how to leverage human-centred design to improve the development of digital health interventions.