Webinar Wednesday – Ring of Support – An Alexa-Based Program for Seniors to Revolutionize Aging at Home

October 9, 2019 – Linda Kaleis, Lead Data Scientist, Memotext – In Canada, the senior population will grow by 68 percent over the next two decades, and in the US, it will more than double in size by the year 2060. The prevalence of dementia is also increasing worldwide, expected to triple in size by the year 2050. This demographic shift leaves the entirety of the healthcare system vulnerable as we struggle to allocate scarce resources and provide adequate home and community support for individuals with dementia as well as their caregivers who are experiencing severe burnout. Moreover, in assisted and long-term living facilities, there is a shortage in the supply of geriatric nurses, physician geriatric specialists, and residential care beds with a projected shortfall of 157,000 beds by 2038. The demands of the aging population and the means to support them to age in place, coordinate their care, and sustain healthcare services must be prioritized and addressed. A promising way to do this is by utilizing scalable and ubiquitous digital health technology solutions such as Ring of Support. Our vision is to revolutionize the way we approach aging at home. By increasing independence, reducing demand on costly long-term care resources and working directly with homecare and healthcare partners such as SE Health, Ring of Support monitors, identifies risk, pre-empts preventable medical events and ultimately allows for timely interventions for the sustainable long-term health management of our aging population.