Webinar Wednesday – Public-Private-Partnerships: Putting P3 Funding Models to Work for Health IT

Leon Salvail, Gevity Consulting Inc. and Lynsey Turchet, MD+A Health Solutions

This webinar explores the CHIEF: Canada’s Health Informatics Executive Forum Discussion Paper of the same name. Across Canada, there is a pervasive vision for integrated, patient-centred care that connects patients & their health information to care providers, & care providers to one another across the entire health continuum. This vision, while attainable, is dependent on the coalescence of several factors, including funding sources and models, policies of various health bodies and effective technology implementation and sustainable management. The CHIEF paper was developed to spark discussion, rethinking and exploration of new sources of funding, skilled resources and new mechanisms for implementing and managing health IT projects. In particular, the paper presents a conceptual model for Public-Private-Partnerships (P3) to support the identification of various bundles of assets and services that could be included in a health IT P3 arrangement. It also identifies opportunities & challenges, through an analysis of seven case studies.