Webinar Wednesday – Primary Health – Using Technology to Enhance Access to Care

January 15, 2020 – Primary Health-Using Technology to Enhance Access to Care – Presented by Katie Heckman, Nova Scotia Health Authority – Patients in the Digby area of Nova Scotia are faced with a lack of access to Primary Health Care services as a result of physicians leaving this area of the province. In order to help supplement this lack of physician presence, Primary Health Care partnered with Virtual Care to implement an initiative that would allow primary health care physicians to connect to the Digby clinic virtually to conduct their appointments. This not only includes the use of videoconferencing technology, but also a digital stethoscope that allows the provider (located elsewhere) to listen to a patient’s lungs/heart as required. Overall patients and providers have been very satisfied with this method of health care delivery and continue to build upon their current usage, with the potential future opportunity of expanding this across the province to other primary health care clinics.