Webinar Wednesday: Precision Medicine Today and Where It’s Going Next 

August 19, 2020 – Precision Medicine Today and Where It’s Going Next – Joel Diamond, MD FAAFP

Genetic and genomic testing is already happening in pockets across most health facilities: oncology, cardiology, maternal-fetal medicine, rare diseases and more. But few leaders have developed a precision medicine strategy that ensures this valuable health data is used, shared and managed across the organization and over time. Join Joel Diamond, MD, as he discusses the state of precision medicine today and what steps need to be taken to integrate genetic and genomic insights within the clinical workflow for improved clinical decision making.

Joel Diamond, MD, FAAFP, has extensive clinical and technology experience. He formerly served as CMIO and chairman of the Physician Advisory Board at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center/St. Margaret Memorial Hospital, where he facilitated 100% adoption of CPOE in a community hospital. He helped develop dbMotion, a solution for health information exchange and population health and later became the Chief Medical Officer for Population Health at Allscripts Healthcare. Dr. Diamond currently serves as an adjunct associate professor of biomedical informatics at the University of Pittsburgh. He is a diplomat of the American Board of Family Practice and a fellow in the American Academy of Family Physicians, while continuing to care for patients at Handelsman Family Practice in Pittsburgh, PA, and serving as the CMO for 2bPrecise.