Webinar Wednesday – OntarioMD’s EMR Practice Enhancement Program

Gina Palmese and Irene Lemmermeyer, OntarioMD- Roughly 80% of community-based physicians in Ontario have adopted EMRs in their practices, but adoption alone doesn’t guarantee they will realize the full benefit of the technology. In this presentation, we demonstrate how OntarioMD’s EMR Practice Enhancement Program (EPEP) works with practices to improve their EMR proficiency and data quality to achieve better outcomes for patients. Pre- and post-data from case studies reveal improvements in capacity to help patients co-manage their health, for example, by using data analysis to identify populations for nutrition counselling, prevention, screening, and immunization. We are also beginning to address other critical health system issues, such as opioid prescribing and mental health.  Going forward, EPEP will leverage our EMR Physician Dashboard (currently in Phase 2 pilot) to help physicians monitor their patients against indicator sets developed by our health sector partners (such as HQO’s Primary Care Performance Measurement Framework and AFHTO’s Data 2 Decisions Framework).