Webinar Wednesday – OMA’s Insights4Care Program

Darren Larsen, Ontario Medical Association – Over the past year, the OMA has explored a data analytics strategy called Insights4Care (i4c). It seeks to extract data from electronic medical records (EMRs) in community practice, run it through decision support engines and, in near real-time, provide individualized feedback to participating doctors regarding decisions that could or should be made to improve patient care now or over time. This is a strong tool for quality that supports the mature use of EMR systems and improves the data held within by providing a window into the knowledge and wisdom that can be derived from health data in ways that were never before been possible.  Dr. Larsen presents an update to progress in this innovative body of work, explaining how technology companies and associations can work together for a common interest. He also highlights why the medical profession is perfectly positioned to provide leadership in this space.