Webinar Wednesday: Leveraging A Pan-Canadian Directory Of Patient Healthcare Options

June 3, 2020 – Leveraging A Pan-Canadian Directory Of Patient Healthcare Options To Support Pandemic Surge, COVID-19 Response & Awareness Of Virtual Care Options – Ryan Doherty, CEO, Empower Health

The quality of information in healthcare system directories is very important when used for patient navigation and care coordination, and the dynamic nature of a healthcare system needs to be addressed for resilient data-driven healthcare.  Up to date and reliable information about service availability is important for patient navigation 365 days of the year, including holidays & surge, and become invaluable during rare events like outbreaks and pandemics.  The webinar will focus on how digital health initiatives across Canada can benefit from the Empower Health Pan-Canadian directories, which consist of reliable & up-to-date information about healthcare facilities & professionals across the country.  Our digital health infrastructure addresses data quality concerns using a framework & processes driven by predictive analytics.  To support COVID-19 response efforts, the directories have been expanded to include COVID-19 assessment centres, and virtual care options.  There will be demonstrations of multiple use-cases related to COVID-19 initiatives, as well as how the directory data can be accessed through our API.