Webinar Wednesday: Learnings from the ER: Building Sustainable Virtual Health with AI

March 24, 2021 – Learnings from the ER: Building Sustainable Virtual Health with AI  – Peter Jones, Healthcare Industry Lead, Microsoft, Dr. Joshua Briscoe, Emergency Medicine Physician, and Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Emergency Physicians of Central Florida and Andor Health, Noel Khirsukhani, Chief Growth Officer, Andor Health

As the ‘new normal’ in virtual healthcare matures, what strategies should Canadian healthcare providers be considering when elevating virtual visits beyond the video call?

In this session, we will explore perspectives from both clinicians and technologists in implementing sustainable virtual health strategies including integrated, self-service scheduling, the virtual waiting room experience, multi-specialist consultations, and the post-visit experience.

 As AI capabilities become the key differentiator in sustaining virtual care into the future, this webinar will also focus on how AI-infused capabilities are powering virtual rounding, collaboration, and communication between clinicians and the acceleration of time-to-treatment by:

  • Empowering health care teams to collaborate and coordinate care in real-time
  • Contextualizing secure access to patient health information through AI bots
  • Reducing clinician burnout through automated patient workflows

 Join the dialogue with Dr. Joshua Briscoe, Noel Khirsukhani, and Peter Jones, as they share learnings and insights in building sustainable virtual health while transforming care collaboration with AI. 

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