Webinar Wednesday: Filling the Gap Between Institutional and Virtual Care

September 23, 2020 – The eShift Directed Care Model: Filling the gap between institutional care and virtual care – Hugh MacLaren and Patrick Blanshard, Sensory Technologies; Caen Suni, Vice President, Clinical Programs and Operations, Chatham Kent Health Alliance; Donna Ladouceur, former Vice President Home & Community, SW LHIN; Davina Wong, Regional Executive Director, VON, Homecare Provider; and Cathy Faulds, MD CCFP FCFP CAC (PC), Family Physician

eShift enabled programs have been operating in Ontario for over a decade in a variety of clinical pathways.  The technology supports a novel and disruptive model of care that allows providers to reorganize human resources to expand capacity of care in the community, deliver care in the patients location of choice, provide respite to caregivers and reduce the overall cost of care per patient.  These programs generate a robust patient record that provides greater transparency, accountability and continuity in the delivery of care in the home, and allows patients with complex care needs to receive a level or care that would otherwise require extended stays in institutional settings.   This session will walk attendees through the patient journey as they transition between venues and providers using the directed care model, with perspective from a panel of program partners from acute care, home and community and primary care sectors.