Webinar Wednesday – Driving Health Innovation Using Behavioural Economics

January 22, 2020 – Driving Health Innovation Using Behavioural Economics-Presented by Jennifer Weeks, PhD, Director, Ideation and Design Lab, BEworks – Given the preventable nature of many diseases, understanding human behaviour to elicit change represents the single biggest opportunity to improve health outcomes. Behavioural Economics (BE), the study of the emotional, social and psychological factors that affect people’s behaviour offers insight into why people skip medications that can prevent serious illness or why some physicians stick to their usual care practices despite ample evidence of better approaches.

Join BEworks, a behavioural economics management consulting firm, as they walk-through real-world cases on how they have applied behavioural economics to remove health practitioner bias and develop effective patient support programs. Attendees can expect to leave this session with a new perspective on how to innovate and drive create change in healthcare.