Webinar Wednesday – Community Initiatives Resource Tool

May 15, 2019 – Rachelle Arbour, Centre de sante communautaire de Sudbury-Est and Brian Sankarsingh, Alliance for Healthier Communities – The Community Initiatives Resources Tool was developed out of an expressed need by Ontario’s Community Health Centres to effectively capture and assess the Community Initiatives being implemented across the province. Although CHCs have been using a common EMR for many years, there was little functionality designed to capture this defining work.  A community initiative is a set of activities aimed at strengthening the capacity of the community to address factors affecting its collective health.

The “determinants of health”, as identified by the Federal, Provincial and Territorial Committee of Ministers of Health (1994) are: income and social status; social support networks; education; employment and working conditions; physical environments; personal health practices and coping skills; healthy child development; health services; and biology and genetic endowment. Community initiatives seek to involve communities and groups in identifying and changing conditions that shape their lives and health prospects as a group.  This may be done through environmental changes in the broadest sense (i.e., physical, economic, social, services/policies), and/or by increasing people’s collective ability to achieve such change themselves, or at least to adapt to conditions they cannot affect (such as technological change).

Member centres actively participate in a variety of community initiatives aimed at building community competence and self-reliance over the long term while addressing such health determinants as income and social status, social support networks, and physical environments (including housing). Through community initiatives, groups of people are supported to gain greater control over key determinants of their health, and thereby improve their health.

This presentation will speak about the Community Initiatives Resources Tool, it’s design and use. Finally, we will explore plans to include the data into our award-winning data warehouse the Business Intelligence Resources Tool.