Webinar Wednesday: Combatting COVID-19 With Resilience – Practical Workforce Strategies

March 25, 2020 – Combatting COVID-19 With Resilience: Practical Workforce Strategies That Put Your People First
Presented by Jessica Kearsey and Daria Dolnycky, Deloitte Canada

In moments of uncertainty and concern, it’s not only about what leaders of organizations do but equally how they do it that matters.

Given the importance of people to every organization, companies need to plan to respond to employee needs during the unfolding challenge. It’s helpful to think about this as three deeply connected dimensions of an organization: work (the what), workforce (the who), and workplace (the where).

Drawing on lessons learned in prior crises, such as SARS, we offer the following practices and strategies for consideration. These are the moments that matter, and how you rally your team will be key.