Webinar Wednesday – Capturing Relationships and Dependencies in Strategic Transformation

Keith Whelpdale, Analyst, eHealth Process Optimization, Alberta Health Services – In preparation for a provincial clinical information system the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Chief Medical Information Office has been tasked with determining how AHS needs to transform its operations and practices in order to successfully leverage our investment in a provincial CIS. A number of Strategic Transformation Questions (STQ) have been posed and are actively being worked on to determine our desired future state. As you would expect each STQ has relationships to and dependencies on other STQ resulting in a spider web of interdependencies in the STQ process. We have developed a process and tool for drilling down through this spider web to provide clarity as to what is known and what remains unknown within those dependencies for question leads, working groups, and executive decision makers.  We have found that a visual representation of the relationship is very helpful in fostering understanding. This webinar will share the tool and show how it links to other sources of information.