Webinar Wednesday – Are Digital Technologies Working for Patients? A Patient-Centred Framework

Kelsey Flott, Research Fellow, Centre for Health Policy, Institute of Global Health Innovation (IGHI) & Erik Mayer, Consultant Surgeon, Imperial College Healthcare Trust – “Digital maturity” is the extent to which digital technologies are used as an enabler to deliver a quality service. Digital technologies are providing new mechanisms for accessing personal medical records, reporting patient safety incidents and communicating across care settings. They provide an opportunity to depart from traditional service arrangements, overcome geographical boundaries and reconfigure services around the patients and their needs. However, digital technologies need to be monitored and evaluated to ensure they operate in a way that cultivates these patient-centered outcomes. Extensive literature exists about how to assess the components of digital maturity, but it has not been used to design a comprehensive evaluation framework. Subsequently, the metrics that do exist are limited to evaluating digital programmes within a single service or care setting, meaning that digital maturity evaluation is not accounting for the needs of patients across their care pathways. This study sets out to answer ‘How can evidence about best-practice in digital systems be leveraged to create an holistic evaluation framework to assess digital maturity?’ Furthermore, it aims to understand ‘how can a digital maturity evaluation framework capture information across patient care pathways?’