Women Leaders in Digital Health: Lynda Brown-Ganzert

Lynda Brown-Ganzert, CEO, Curatio

Lynda Brown-Ganzert forged a solution to solving the problem of safely supporting out-patients at home during the pandemic, especially those that are frail, vulnerable and isolated. The ‘Stronger Together’ project offers a peer support platform, coaching from nurses and experts, evidence-based health literacy programs and daily check-ins, for both patients and families. The project is designed to combat isolation and to make compassionate communication and valuable health-care information available when they are most needed.

Lynda is a digital health trailblazer as well as a passionate and determined visionary with an unwavering commitment to adopt a more patient-centric approach in healthcare. Her mission is clear: give every patient the support they need. – Sue Paish, CEO, Digital Technology Supercluster

Stronger Together is not just a one-off project. It is built on the long-term efforts of Ms.Brown-Ganzert, who created Curatio – the world’s first social health prescription. Lynda has held a lifelong passion for connecting people through technology and Curatio leverages innovation with a ground-breaking model for supporting patients via a peer-to-peer social platform.

In 2020, Curatio doubled its team size and was recognized by Digital Technology Supercluster as a company that could improve the lives of Canadians during a trying time with a unique and advanced digital health solution. The company was also awarded the NSERC Research Grant in order to pursue research and development to enhance mental health resources and offerings. Curatio’s No Patient Alone mission is a true inspiration and Lynda is a powerful and confident woman whose vision is significantly improving the lives of patients not only in Canada but around the world.

Congratulations on being voted one of the 2020 Women Leaders in Digital Health, Lynda Brown-Ganzert!

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