Women Leaders in Digital Health: Dr. Eva Serhal

Eva Serhal, Senior Director, Outreach, Virtual Mental Health, ECHO, and the Canada Suicide Prevention Service, The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

Dr. Eva Serhal is a thoughtful and compassionate leader whose influence on the provision of virtual mental health care extends throughout and beyond CAMH. She provides confident and effective guidance to the managers and teams directly reporting to her, and leads by example with kindness and intelligence. Eva also works to enable other teams across the organization – and the country – to engage meaningfully and effectively in the provision of virtual care through the creation of video tutorials, publications (institutional, provincial, and academic), and award-winning conference presentations.

She is a provincially recognized authority on virtual mental health care, as well as virtual community building and professional development through the use of the ECHO (Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes) model. Eva also co-chairs the Toronto Telemedicine Collaborative, and sits on the Ontario Health Virtual Working Group, supporting the growth of virtual care through collaboration. Lastly, Eva’s strategic communication supported the proposal that led to the successful appointment of CAMH as the lead of Canada’s Suicide Prevention Service (CSPS), which includes several digital health strategies.. In all that she does, Eva is focused on health equity – and promoting high quality care through an equity lens to rural, remote, and underserved communities.

Eva holds all key attributes of a Leader in Digital Health; she is confident, credible, influential and an effective communicator. She leads with grace and confidently grows the field of virtual care. She is also an excellent mentor and support figure –inspiring others to pursue digital health in an equitable, evidence-based way. – Jenny Hardy, Manager of ECHO Ontario Mental HealthCentre for Addiction and Mental Health

Congratulations on being voted one of the 2020 Women Leaders in Digital Health, Dr. Eva Serhal!

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