Women Leaders in Digital Health: Barbara Veder

Barbara Veder, Vice President, Chief Enterprise Clinician and LifeWorks Clinical Services Lead, Morneau Shepell

For over 26 years, Barb has been a clinical leader with Morneau Shepell, an industry leading EAP provider that services over 30 thousand organizations and their 23 million employees. Throughout her career she has been keenly focused on not only the development of top class digital clinical services, but also on the measurement of clinical outcomes and cross-industry sharing of results as a means of both evaluating and improving upon existing services and providing invaluable learning opportunities to advance future innovation. Since our launch of e-counselling back in 2000, Barb has been passionate about clinical excellence, reaching more people through engaging and accessible digital service delivery, and guiding our industry towards ever-expanding digital behavioural health offerings grounded in clinical excellence.

Barb is a mentor and role model in the digital mental health industry, and a strong leader for her Canadian and international colleagues. She guides her teams to look for solutions that combine clinical best practice with digital platforms, building on traditional clinical treatment options with digital total well-being solutions, in order to bring services to our clients in ways that were not possible before.

Over the years, she has steered the development and success of our original online client access service, video counselling, digital based fitness coach support, online group counselling, student support, and most recently, our AbilitiCBT program offered in partnership with the governments of Ontario, Manitoba, and Northwest Territories. At the same time, Barb plays a key role in identifying the unique clinical skills that will best support the delivery of each service, and guiding the design of training initiatives for the clinical network. Under her leadership, our focus on digital mental health support has grown and flourished.

Barb’s clear focus on driving the evolution of digital behavioural health as the most impactful way to reach anyone and everyone in need of help, along with encouraging knowledge sharing and best practice alignment throughout the industry, is truly the embodiment of this award.- Neil King, President, LifeWorks and Executive Vice President, Morneau Shepell

Congratulations on being voted one of the 2020 Women Leaders in Digital Health, Barbara Veder!

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