The value of small virtual events

Move over, Night of the Living Dead. A new thriller about endless virtual meetings — let’s call it Attack of the Zoombies — might be the scary movie du jour.

While we continue to avoid meeting in person, the explosion of large on-screen get-togethers have many of us combatting virtual meeting fatigue… and feeling like screen-staring zombies. Pet peeves: forgetting to mute (or unmute), having to be camera-ready at all times, and trying to contribute when twenty people are talking at once.

But connecting with one another is more important than ever, and Digital Health Canada continues to offer multiple ways for digital health professionals to combat isolation (and virtual meeting fatigue) with weekly webinars, the new Research + Innovation showcase, executive networking, and moderated virtual meetings for regional groups, like this week’s Alberta Chapter Virtual LinkUp discussing ‘How is your organization approaching post-COVID planning?’

A moderated small group leaves time for everyone to talk and listen, and attendees shared experiences and challenges like delivering care with the patient in one place, provider in another, administrative team in third setting, and the data outside these three places. And while everyone learns how to provide services virtually in real time, the critical functions that enable the virtual visits (such as scheduling, workflow, administration, and data access) still require work to optimize.

Attendees were able to dive into some of the big questions: What brick and mortar elements of healthcare are really required? What should remain virtual going forward? What regulatory changes will be required to allow for continued innovation and to support the new service delivery methods that have been ramped up to meet the unique demands during the crisis? What is the total deficit that has been created by rapid pace of change during this crisis management period (financial, staff energy, partner alignment, and more)? What impact will this deficit have on pace of transformation post-crisis? How will healthcare systems manage these deficits? The general consensus conclusion: Leadership and courage are required. And the solutions are available.

Combat isolation (and maybe the zoombies) by diving into the next Digital Health Canada virtual event for lively, moderated discussion and a brief burst of connection. Contact us to let us know what you need in terms of events and networking.

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