Startup Spotlight: MEDISEEN

MediSeen is a secure, cloud-based home health care platform that empowers health care providers to build and scale their local house call practices, as a complement or alternative to their clinic or hospital-based work. The benefits to participating health care providers include increased revenue, workplace and schedule flexibility, and greater job satisfaction from offering personalized care in their community. Providers are carefully vetted before joining the platform and require a vulnerable sector screen, a thorough college registration review, and an in-person meeting.

As a result, MediSeen’s platform offers patients seamless and timely access to high-quality health care services in the comfort of their homes. Patients simply browse and select a health care provider, have full visibility of the provider’s services, schedule, academic and work experience and rates. Patients can also view and download their medical documentation. The solution is particularly helpful for frail elderly and chronic illness patients with complex health conditions, as they often struggle to travel to a clinic or hospital for non-emergent care.

 MediSeen’s goal is to become a leading home health care software platform in Canada. We’re excited to help provide healthcare in the comfort of patients’ homes at scale.

 What changes would you like to see happen in the Canadian digital health landscape?

We’d like to see the government align incentives for health care institutions and providers to adopt and use new Canadian-based technology to help patients and foster growth in the digital health landscape. Imagine if home-grown, innovative HealthTech solutions were reimbursable, like the EMRs?

As Digital Health Canada Members…

…we hope our Digital Health Canada membership will help drive awareness and adoption of our home health care platform across the Canadian health care spectrum and allow our team to actively engage with like-minded health care innovators coast-to-coast and advocate for the accelerated adoption and scaling of Canadian technology here in Canada.