Startup Spotlight: CloudDX

Cloud DX is an award winning innovator in the digital healthcare industry. Our vision is that in the near future, all healthcare is digital healthcare, and citizens everywhere have access to the very best healthcare, at their convenience, at affordable cost, so that our lives are prolonged and we all get to live at home, in comfort, for as long as possible.

In 2018/2019 our goal is that remote patient monitoring and telemedicine, powered by Cloud DX technology, becomes the standard of care for CHF, COPD and other intractable chronic illnesses in Canada. Our technologies empower patients, offer peace of mind to family members, reduce workflow burdens on providers and deliver great patient satisfaction, all at a lower cost than the status quo.

What changes would you like to see happen in the Canadian digital health landscape?

We see the need for three big changes: 1) Patients need access to digital healthcare devices and software apps that are accepted by doctors but are affordable and easy to use for consumers. We can’t wait for the “system” to just “give” digital tools to users – patients have to take charge of their own care. 2) Digital healthcare data that is proven accurate and “trustable” must be integrated into all the Canadian electronic medical record systems, so that patient data is available to all providers, instantly. 3) Canadian provincial health authorities must embrace the concept of “managed care” and “value based care”, abandoning the traditional fee-for-service model we live with now. This change will incentivize the adoption of innovative digital healthcare solutions currently resisted by “the system”.

As Digital Health Canada members…

…we hope to participate in the Canada-wide debate and conversation about how to make digital healthcare ubiquitous in our country!