StartUp Spotlight: 3terra

3terra is a team of healthcare data professionals with deep experience providing advanced analytical solutions for hospitals across Ontario. We provide hospitals with software tools to optimize financial performance and operational efficiency.

We’d like to continue to raise awareness of 3terra and our hospital funding software tool, Data Quality Assist (DQA). Over the past two years, 21 hospitals have used DQA to improve their funding and we believe that many more can benefit from our offering.

What changes would you like to see happen in the Canadian digital health landscape?

We believe that non-sensitive healthcare data should be openly distributed in an easily digestible format (e.g. standardized web services). Too much data is kept private and siloed in proprietary formats (such as custom Excel workbooks) which make it extremely difficult for vendors to help participate in co-developing tools to improve the Canadian digital health landscape.

What do you hope to achieve with your Digital Health Canada membership?

As Digital Health Canada members, we hope to raise awareness of the work we do at 3terra and continue to make valuable industry connections.