Research + Innovation Showcase: Personalized Risk Assessment + Mitigation

June 25, 2020 – Personalized Lifetime Health: A Knowledge Graph for Personalized Chronic Disease Risk Assessment and Mitigation – Presented by Ali Daowd, NICHE Research Group, Dalhousie University

Non-communicable Chronic Diseases (NCDs), such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, chronic lung disease and cancers, are the leading cause of disability and mortality in Canada. Numerous research has shown that NCDs are caused by a complex network of internal (such as hormones and inherited genetic mutations), behavioural (such as smoking, alcohol consumption, sedentary lifestyles and dietary habits), environmental (exposure to environmental carcinogens and radiations, access to health services) and socioeconomic factors (such as poverty, race and ethnicity). These factors cluster and interact throughout the life-course resulting in chronic morbidity. Evidence shows that majority of NCDs can be mitigated by preventing the underlying modifiable behavioural risk factors. However, prevention of environmental and socioeconomic factors is challenging as it requires addressing socioeconomic inequity, ecological and health service issues, whereas prevention of behavioural risk factors is more practical and feasible via personalized and population-wide interventions.


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