Report: A Before B – Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

June 7, 2019 – “There isn’t much debate that AI will be a factor within Healthcare and many see this change happening sooner rather than later. The confusion and lack of clarity around what AI is and what it can impact is becoming more and more clear. Executives within public and private sectors need to include AI in their planning and ensure that they are ready for the change that has already started happening.”

CHIEF AI Working Group:  Angela Copeland (Cancer Care Ontario); Zaki Hakim (University Health Network); Darren Larsen (Ontario MD); Kevin Jones (Strata Health); Philip Barker (Fraser Health); and Peter Bascom (formerly eHealth Ontario).

This report assesses the Canadian market and Canadian government initiatives, and outlines the barriers facing the healthcare industry and private sector innovators working to create AI solutions, including: Lack of funding to utilize solutions within healthcare; lack of industry coordination to provide clear direction; and limited access to authoritative, unbiased big data sets, among others.

Also included: compelling examples of successful application of AI and machine learning in diagnostics and other areas; examples of new technology from Canada and around the world, and excellent recommendations on how to prepare your team, organization, and culture for the integration of AI technologies.