NOTES from Digital Health Canada Western Conference 2022

By Event Correspondent Patrick Yu

The first day of the Digital Health Canada Western Conference took place on Monday, March 28th at 12 pm MT. With over 100 users and more to roll in throughout the afternoon, they gathered to showcase some of the innovative work happening in the Western provinces. Opening remarks were given by Mark Casselman (CEO of Digital Health Canada) and Brett Duncan (President of Amhix) on how to navigate the conference

Keynote: Success and Lessons Learned from Scotland

After opening remarks, Rob Mccullough-Graham (Chief Officer, Scottish Borders Health, and Social Care Partnership) gave us insights into his work in developing health and social care partnerships among the non-connected areas of Scotland. Really bringing to light the challenges in delivering services, resistance to change, health inequalities in the population, as well as a lack of spending from the government in these areas. The keystone was capped off with conversations on the indicators of success for this program as well as how the pandemic has been a catalyst for change.

After the keynote, participants were invited to either one of two hot topic conversations; Covid Conspiracies or a discussion on topics not related to Covid

Hot Topic 1: Covid Conspiracies

This conversation was moderated by Andrea Locke (CGI) and was an interactive conversation on popular covid-related conspiracy theories, debunking them, and even how to make your own.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) Data

Stafford Dean presented on AHS data landscape, their homegrown enterprise data warehouse, as well as their roadmap including outcome improvement, strategic data acquisition, data literacy, and analyst development. The collaborations occurring with Epic and Connect Care are sure to be key to extracting data and using it to improve health outcomes.

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