New: Resource Guide to Digital Health in Canada

“A great resource for anyone at any level of their career.”

Presenting the new Resource Guide to Digital Health in Canada — a comprehensive overview of the health informatics body of knowledge and the Canadian digital health ecosystem. Building on the CPHIMS-CA Canadian Health Informatics Review and Reference Guide, the new Resource Guide examines both the traditional and emerging challenges and opportunities that digital health professionals face today.


The new Resource Guide includes updates to existing topic areas (The Canadian Health System, Clinical Health Services, Analysis and Evaluation, Organizational and Behavioural Management, Information Management, and Information Technology) plus four new content areas: Innovation, Business Intelligence, Health Information Technology and Applications, and Health Analytics.

The new Resource Guide can be used to:

  • Provide foundational knowledge in digital health to new and experienced professionals
  • Orient staff and stand as an ongoing reference for professional or academic development
  • Provide insight to vendors or interest groups currently facing challenges entering digital health
  • Supplement knowledge gaps that currently exist municipally and provincially due to varying terminology and knowledge of the field
  • Act as a resource for students and emerging professionals who are new or entering the field of digital health
  • Assist with standardizing processes carried out by individuals, teams, institutions and governing bodies
  • Assist with preparing for the Canadian Supplemental (CA) exam (content is applicable to exams starting April 2020)


  • Editors: Hélène Clément, Shanthini Court, Susan Sepa
  • Advisors: Joseph Cafazzo, Neil Gardner, Trevor Jamieson, Margaret Kennedy, Angela Lianos, Mark Rajack, Diane Salois-Swallow
  • Chapter Contributors: Susan Anderson, Hélène Clément, Shanthini Court, Cathy Cruz, Anne Forsyth, Keltie Jamieson, Nerinderjit Kaur, Patrick Lo, Laura Jean MacDermid, Mary Eileen MacPhail, Andrea MacLean, Andrew Nemirovsky, Natalie Oake, Linda Plummer, Gajanan Sahasrabudhe, Brendan Seaton, Susan Sepa, Ashley Simeron-Tial, Gavin Tong