Meet Advisory Committee Candidate Tim Murphy

Public Sector (Executive) Candidate Tim Murphy is Vice President, Health at Alberta Innovates

Why do you want to join the CHIEF Executive Forum Advisory Committee at this point in your career?
I am known for my pragmatic, collaborative, and action-oriented leadership style that is characterized by an ability to assess complex environments, build a strong team and relationships to achieve system wide results. At this point in my career, the greatest joy I receive is achieving results through others; building a strong team of collaborators; and offering my insights and experiences for the team’s success. Having worked in multiple health care settings across three provinces, I believe that a national advisory forum would benefit from multiple provincial perspectives and lived experiences across the continuum of health research and innovation and health care delivery. I see the CHIEF Executive Advisory Forum Advisory Committee as a unique opportunity to give back and make a difference and have a positive impact on the health of my family, friends and community

What unique skills, perspectives and contributions would you bring to the Advisory Committee?
I have thirty years of executive management experience in operations in oncology, corporate services, research and innovation across 3 provinces – Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. I mobilize organizations, companies, and communities toward collective action. I am a member of numerous advisory boards – internationally, nationally and provincially related to building relationships and strategies to help drive the modernization of health care – that is, to advance more technology, data and choice into the hands of Canadians for their improved health and wellness. I believe my perspective and experiences would make a valuable contribution to the CHIEF Executive Forum Advisory Committee.

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