Meet Advisory Committee Candidate Ted Scott

Public Sector (Executive) Candidate Ted Scott is VP Research & Chief Innovation Officer, Hamilton Health Sciences

Why do you want to join the CHIEF Executive Forum Advisory Committee at this point in your career?
I am excited by the opportunity to provide support and advocacy for a diverse group of digital health practitioners and the communities they serve. With the changes thrust upon healthcare delivery organizations by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are at a pivotal moment in terms of adoption of new digital tools and services. It will be essential for the success of Canada’s healthcare system that we adapt our services to a patient-centric care model that prioritizes patient engagement and access to their health information. I am a passionate voice for this shift towards a patient-centred perspective. This shift will need to leverage digital tools to address the cost pressures that drive the rationalization of health services. I am a strong advocate for digital health professionals in leading the shift to this new model of care and ensuring that the patient voice is prioritized in the delivery of health services.

What unique skills, perspectives and contributions would you bring to the Advisory Committee?
I am an expert digital health strategist with a wealth of experience in industry relations, developing global health collaborations, and the implementation of innovative clinical services leveraging digital technologies. In my role at Hamilton Health Sciences, I have been developing international collaborations to support the advancement of World Health Organization, (WHO), Global Strategy on Digital Health 2020-2025. The focus of this work has been on the WHO, strategic objectives and working with local partners in low and middle-income countries to generate impact on regional and country level targets for health improvement while advancing principles of equity, diversity and inclusion. I have also established an Innovation Function within Hamilton Health Sciences with an emphasis on developing new care models empowering patients and providers. The vision addresses the need for the healthcare industry to evolve the relationships between patients, and healthcare providers using enabling digital technologies. With the recruitment of Dr. Jeremy Petch, Director of Digital Health Innovation, we co-founded the HHS-CREATE, CentRE for dAta Science and digital hEalth.

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