Meet Advisory Committee Candidate Megan Stowe

Megan Stowe is Executive Director Clinical Informatics & Virtual Health, Vancouver Coastal Health

Why do you want to join the CHIEF Executive Forum Advisory Committee at this point in your career?
I would like to join the CHIEF Advisory Committee to broaden my impact in Digital Health and also extend my awareness and influence by learning and networking. I have worked in healthcare for over 24 years as a nurse, educator, leader and most recently leading digital health initiatives and am keen to share what I know, but also broaden my own perspectives and knowledge in this area.

What unique skills, perspectives and contributions would you bring to the Advisory Committee?
I have work experience in Alberta, British Columbia and the United Kingdom. The different environments have opened my mindset and I often do not believe there is only one way to get something done. I am a creative thinker and frequently bring different perspectives and approaches to a discussion. I also am an adjunct professor at UBC and teach Management in Information Technology for their Masters of Health Administration degree. I am a passionate educator and strongly believe in mentorship and supporting new leaders in our health system. I have expertise in Virtual Health, EHR implementation, Change Management and have most recently completed my Certificate of ‘Indigenous Canada’ through the University of Alberta.

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