Meet 2022 Board of Directors Election Candidate Deborah Emerson

A highly accomplished Senior Health Leader. Leading / consulting / advising major improvement and digital health transformation projects in Ontario and internationally. Expert in organizational strategy – growth and development – transformation – start ups – organizational and system capacity building – government relations and change management. History of supporting health organizations with – OHT development or design work – regulatory and evaluation frameworks – system, process and program improvement – policy development – ALC / system capacity solution projects. Proven healthcare leader – consultant and SME. Focused on system and organizational excellence that targets systemic capacity building that is evidence based using process improvement and technology. Strong strategic, financial, analytical, problem solving, mediation- negotiation and decision-making skills. An innovative change agent with an intuitive ability to lead an organization through significant and sustainable change. Strong background in creating and transforming stakeholder objectives into value based solutions.

How long have you been a member of Digital Health Canada?

Recently joined member < less than one year

Why do you want to join the Digital Health Canada Board of Directors at this point in your career?

I have great interest in advancing the strategic objectives of DHC in support of their mission to empower, connect and inspire. I have had a long and distinguished career to date and aim to leverage that experience to advance causes I care deeply about. Digital Health Canada represents the perfect opportunity to do so.

How does your experience align with the Digital Health Canada strategic plan and mandate?

For decades I have worked in the digital health space as a clinician and senior health executive in an effort to support the health tech adoption and digitization of health data and view this as a significant opportunity to advance that ambition. Kevin Jones testimonial stating “Digital Health Canada and more specifically the CHIEF Executive Forum, provides a venue to discuss challenges, brainstorm solutions, and interact with peers at a senior level in Canadian Healthcare. The pan-Canada membership enables to group to share successes and failures which in turn advances digital health for all Canadians” is a meaningful statement about what you do and that I would like to be a part of. Working with colleagues to advance DHC’s strategic plan and mandate is a tremendous opportunity that seamlessly ties together aspects of a lifelong endeavor to advance health system excellence. I have been engaged with the Provincial government for nearly two decades and have an established network of collaborative relationships with key stakeholders in the public and private sector that could benefit DHC and the Board.

What unique skills, perspectives and contributions would you bring to the Digital Health Canada Board?

My hope would be to contribute a unique perspective that combines my front line clinical experience, government relations background, advanced ADR skills and formal education, digital health experience and as a member of the public who has experienced the same challenges with our health system that we all have and a deep desire to improve it in collaboration with a diverse group of colleagues from across Canada. As a mother of a chronically ill daughter, I have a genuine interest to add to the conversation in an effort to create a more patient centered health system that meets the needs of all Canadians especially vulnerable and marginalized populations.

Do you or have or have you ever had any direct patient care experience (clinical)?

Yes, Registered Nurse in good standing with my college (CNO) for more than 25 years. Pediatrics, neurology, and general med/surg, mental health. My experience lies in three sectors (tertiary/acute, homecare and LTC) with homecare being my most recent and relevant experience.

What segments within the Digital Health Canada community do you feel you will best represent? Select all that apply.

  • Executives/CIOs
  • Clinicians
  • Vendors
  • Leaders
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Digital Health Entrepreneurs

With which Digital Health Canada committees, task groups or activities have you volunteered in past five years? Describe your most significant contributions to Digital Health Canada’s mission.

Recently joined member – looking to volunteer in the coming months/years.

What other board appointments or relevant leadership experiences have you had in the past five years?

• CEO and Founder – Sensory Technologies (virtual care- palliative and pediatrics) now a Provincial Best Practice and international adoption • CEO and Founder – Homecare Intelligence Canada Inc. (Health sector logistics and capacity building technology) Domestic and International • Numerous advisory boards and mentoring appointments for digital health start-ups and high growth organizations • Accomplished mediator and alternative dispute resolution professional adept at consensus building and building stakeholder value

Please tell us why you feel Digital Health Canada members should vote for you.

It would be a privilege to work with the esteemed membership from across Canada. Your consideration for this application/ nomination would allow me to support the important work DHC does and advance the objectives in a meaningful way knowing that I bring a unique perspective in support of a better health system for us all. I’m hard working, reliable, dedicated and will draw upon the decades of experience I have garnered over an expansive career that may offer this organization and in turn all Canadians some credible and meaningful contribution. I’m also a keen lifelong learner who thrives in complex, diverse environments and I’m willing to put forward extensive effort and required time to achieve and earn a place on the Board. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Do you currently hold the Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems – Canada (CPHIMS-CA) credential?

Committed to achieving my CPHIMS-CA

What is your educational background? Please list all degrees and designations.

Registered Nurse – Western University – Business – Advanced ADR – MBA completed pending award in combination with MPHA expected 2023