Guidelines: Access Audits for EHRs

Guidelines for the Protection of Health Information Special Edition: Access Audits for EHRs

Healthcare providers can now turn to the 2014 Access Audits for Electronic Health Records (EHR) Special Edition for the most up-to-date privacy and security considerations and best practices related to audit and logging of access to personal health information (PHI). This is a unique resource for audit and logging among the most important of information protection practices for Canadian healthcare organizations.

This new resource covers best practices in: access control, trigger events, reporting, and requirements and uses of audit data.

Do you know the “The 10 Key Steps” that organizations handling PHI need to take to prepare for an effective access audit program? This Special Edition gives you the answers, along with a detailed outline of an effective access audit program, providing best practices on such key topics as audit program design, ongoing governance, legislative and legal considerations and quality and risk management aspects.

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