Finding common ground and building partnerships… over breakfast

One of the best things that happens at Digital Health Canada regional events is the range of people who come together to talk, learn, and share experiences. At our most recent regional event in Vancouver (March 27, 2017) attendees ranged from seasoned healthcare executives to emerging professionals, from both public and private sector organizations. The group gathered to find common ground, discuss challenges, and build potential partnerships founded on the shared goals of advancing digital health in Canada.

Our topic was “Ahead of the Curve” and a lot of content was packed into the morning. With a focus on connected care and patient engagement, and discussion-sparking questions like: What is the most important development you see happening over the next 1-2 years? What needs to happen next to realize the vision? And what will your organization do to move forward?

Panelists, including keynote Akiko Campbell (LifeLabs), Marc Faktor (QHR Technologies), Shannon Malovec (TELUS Health), and David Mosher (McKesson), brought private-sector expertise to challenges faced by both the public and private digital health sectors. The morning keynote was followed by a brisk panel discussion, with all attendees participating in an engaging and active working group session. The only complaint: there wasn’t enough time for networking.

Did we solve all the issues? No – but we may have taken a few steps closer, and we certainly got people thinking. Connecting private and public sector groups and bringing people together to learn from one another is what Digital Health Canada is all about. A half-day themed session – like this one – with a clear agenda is a great way for people to get out and get talking about digital health.

We will be hosting a breakfast meeting in Ottawa this week, with a great group of Ottawa- area experts and young professionals from the public and private sectors discussing how partnerships can spark innovation in digital health. Join us if you can. Come for the networking, stay for the discussion, and leave with some new ideas.

Digital Health Canada Breakfast in Ottawa. Progressive Partnerships: Digital Health Collaboration and Innovation. May 11, 2017. Details