Enterprise Innovation Certificate

Duration: ~3 hours
Content: 100% Learning with podcasts, flipbook, supplementary reading, and two tests
Price (Digital Health Canada Members): $75 + tax
Price (Non-Members): $150 + tax
Takeaways: eBadge (JPG), Certificate (PDF), Checklist to Drive Enterprise Innovation (PDF)

Invest in yourself and your professional development by obtaining the Digital Health Canada Enterprise Innovation Certificate. You can earn a certificate attesting to your understanding of this important topic from Learn, the new Digital Health Canada Learning Management System (LMS). The Learn LMS makes it easy to manage your own learning schedule and chart your progress from start to testing to achievement. Learn offers curriculum fundamentals broken down into manageable sections that make it easy to absorb, understand, and retain key points.

Who should take this certificate?

Digital health participants including analysts, emerging professionals, new Canadians, digital health entrepreneurs, or healthcare delivery professionals who are:

  • Interested in understanding or managing Enterprise Innovation (EI)
  • Want to hear examples of EI in practice
  • Interested in professional development
  • Planning a career change

Why Enterprise Innovation?

Health delivery organizations face challenges as they drive forward with digital transformation of the traditional enterprise model and integration of entrepreneurial care delivery models and clinical innovations. This curriculum will:

  • Define what innovation encompasses
  • Present the current Canadian landscape for enterprise innovation
  • Identify the factors that promote successful innovation
  • Identify the barriers that impede enterprise innovation.
  • Provide examples and research that supports new concepts within the field of enterprise innovation in healthcare
  • Elaborate on a framework for the factors that promote successful enterprise innovation within an organization

Why is this topic important right now?

In the rapidly evolving field of healthcare delivery, organizations are faced with challenges as they navigate using traditional enterprise models for innovation solutions paired with clinical innovations. The payoffs for coupling enterprise and clinical innovation to create a solution that makes a scalable and lasting impact are great, as technology has become an increasingly important component of healthcare delivery, one that can improve patient care and outcomes.

Organizations are now shifting away from traditional definitions and models for recognizing and advancing innovation within their own enterprise and starting to tackle the concept of enterprise innovation on multiple levels. New missions, goals, and barriers exist within organizations today, and, with innovation no longer being limited to individual entities, an opportunity exists to create and maintain varying partnerships of like-minded people.