eHealth 2017 Annual Conference and Tradeshow: Are You Ready?

Conferences can be enjoyable, engaging… and exhausting. The e-Health 2017 Conference (June 4-6) is no different. e-Health is Canada’s largest digital health event, and hosts 1,500+ delegates, 250+ speakers, and 85+ exhibitors. With so much to experience, a little foresight can help when prepping for long days on the tradeshow floor. Following are a few things you might need (besides your toothbrush) before you travel to Toronto in June:

  1. Make a (flexible) plan. Get familiar with the e-Health Conference Program and plan your days so as not to miss the sessions that mean the most to you. But don’t worry if something cool in the Start Up Zone catches your attention and you deviate from your schedule just a little.
  2. Bring an open mind and a positive attitude. You may meet some people with different viewpoints, exciting new ideas, and fresh insights. Be open to learning. And share what you know: the whole point is to contribute to the general digital healthcare body of knowledge
  3. Prep a great elevator pitch. Practice summing up your interests and abilities in a few quick words so you have something succinct to answer to the inevitable “and what do you do?”.
  4. Power up. You will want to stay connected via the eHealth Conference app, swipeable tags, twitter, and daily conference email updates, so make sure your phone is working and you have a spare charger somewhere handy. What’s worse than your phone acting up during selfies with your conference buddies at the CHIA Awards Gala?
  5. Jump in. The more you engage, the more you get. Ask questions at the plenaries (speakers love people who ask questions). Watch the hackers hacking. Chat with people in the booths. Pick up some swag. And have a great time!

See you in Toronto.

The annual e-Health Conference offers multiple opportunities to network with leading-edge organizations and people who value quality health information and integrated system solutions. Speakers this year include Anne Merklinger (Own the Podium), Paul Robinson (Canadian Tire Bank), Dr. Julielynn Wong (3D4MD), and Dr. Joseph C. Kvedar (Partners Healthcare and author, The Internet of Healthy Things). Plus: Hacking Health@eHealth 2017 and the Start Up Zone, both of which offer the chance to see innovation in action and to meet the up-and-comers in the digital healthcare field. 

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