Spotlight on volunteers

Photo of Robin Laird
Robin Laird
Health PEI

When you volunteer and get involved in groups, it provides an opportunity to stay engaged; it almost forces you to! You attend sessions that you might not have made the time for otherwise. You also get to know people volunteering on committees with you, and you can form some very key relationships—to connect about related projects, ask questions, or seek advice. Within my internal work environment, I have sought out feedback on what people want to see as conference topics, speakers, etc., which helps you stay current with trends.
I have made connections with folks from other provinces in similar roles as myself but also with external parties, such as researchers and developers.

Photo of Christine Couturier
Christine Couturier
Alberta Health Services

Volunteering for Digital Health Canada has been so rewarding. I get to meet new colleagues from across the digital health space, and every hour I spend with these colleagues brings me new learnings—from shining a light on what's happening in other areas of the country, to learning something new about this field through our conversations and volunteer work.

Photo of Rod Burns
Rod Burns
Digital Health Consultant

I consider it an honour and a professional obligation to help ready the next generation of Informatics leaders in Canada. Realizing a population that is healthy and well requires a sustainable health care system and this can only be achieved through the effective and efficient use of evidence and technology. Achieving this is an ongoing challenge for today’s and tomorrow’s Informatics leaders. I volunteer with Digital Health Canada to help ensure future generations benefit from today’s Informatics professionals’ efforts.

Photo of Dr. Margaret Kennedy
Dr. Margaret Kennedy
Nova Scotia Health

Digital Health Canada helps to create a really dynamic informatics community in Canada through diverse educational and community of practice opportunities, networking events, and our national informatics conference in Canada. As a volunteer, the rewards are quite meaningful – you have the satisfaction of contributing, meeting new people, learning from your experiences with others, earning credits towards maintaining your CPHIMS-CA certification, and having fun. I would encourage everyone to consider a volunteer role at Digital Health Canada.

Photo of Bailey Griffin
Bailey Griffin

Volunteering with Digital Health Canada has allowed me to engage with digital health leaders from across the country who are at the forefront of digital health innovation in health systems. Through leading the Virtual Care Community of Action and volunteering on the eHealth 2019 plenary committee, I’ve expanded my network, gained insights into cutting edge digital health projects, and been provided with many opportunities to showcase my own work.