Proposals will be received until March 15, 2019 4:00 p.m. EST


Digital Health Canada seeks proposals from contractors interested in facilitating and writing the Digital Health Canada 2020-2023 strategic plan. Proposals are due by March 15, 2019.

The proposed project timeline is April 1st, 2019 through November 30st, 2019. The project has been budgeted at a maximum of $8,000.00 CDN.


Digital Health Canada is currently developing its 2020-2023 strategic plan. The work of researching, developing and drafting the plan primarily involves the Digital Health Canada Board and its senior management leadership, supported by staff. The overall effort is being led by the Vice-President of the Digital Health Canada Board and the CEO of Digital Health Canada. The development of the 2020-2023 strategic plan is proceeding in three phases:

  1. Phase 1: Current State (Dec 2018 – March 2019)
  2. Phase 2: Future State (April 2019 – September 2019)
  3. Phase 3: Strategic Plan documentation and release (October 2019 – April 2020)

The Strategic Planning Consultant will prepare the draft of the Digital Health Canada 2020-2023 Strategic Plan, based on prior knowledge, insights, and scenarios. Some of the core elements that may be addressed within the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan include:

  • Vision of Digital Health Canada, describing what the association needs to achieve in the future
  • Mission Statement for Digital Health Canada in relation to its vision that simply and concisely defines its role in the Digital Health community
  • Measurable Program Objectives describing broad financial, product, service and membership satisfaction outcomes that Digital Health Canada programs will work to achieve in the light of the vision and mission of the organization
  • Measurable Corporate Objectives describing administrative system performance and other outcomes that reflect operational effectiveness and efficiency of Digital Health Canada
  • Action/Implementation Plan providing a high-level overview of the process for implementing the strategic plan and measuring progress. This should include, at a minimum, a prioritized list of actions and resources needed to accomplish the desired changes.


The Consultant will be responsible for and/or involved with reviewing and understanding the overall plan for development of the Digital Health Canada 2020-2023 Strategic plan, including but not limited to:

  • The goals and objectives of the strategic planning process
  • The phased approach being taken in the research, development and completion of the Strategic Plan
  • The facilitation and coordination of Board Working Groups (Customers/Stakeholders; External/Environment; Operations/Internal)
  • Working with the CEO, the Vice-President of the Board and senior Digital Health Canada leadership to prepare for strategy work at Board Meetings (April, June, Oct/Nov), in particular any pre-work required of Board members, preparing for the necessary facilitation during the meeting, and the capture of deliberations, discussions and consensus/decisions
  • Presenting recommendations on format and best way to communicate our vision that is reflective of the organization and our objectives
  • Following the Board meeting of April 8th, working with the Vice-President of the Board, the CEO and senior Digital Health Canada leadership to evolve and prepare a draft of the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan
  • Presenting the draft of the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan to the Vice-President of the Board and the CEO of Digital Health Canada

Proposal Requirements

Please submit a proposal no longer than four (4) pages in length, plus at least 3 references, in Adobe Acrobat document format. Proposals must be received via e-mail, before 4:00 PM on March 15, 2019.

Proposals will be received by e-mail, to the attention of Shannon Bott at Please include ‘Strategic Planning Consultant Proposal’ in the email subject line. An email confirming receipt of the proposal will be sent to all proposers. A proposal will not be considered received officially until a confirmation email has been sent.

Guidelines for Proposal Content

Please provide a proposal outlining your approach and concept for the project, including your use of the funds budgeted for this project and how you would utilize Digital Health Canada staff and engage the Board of Directors in the planning process.

The proposal should be presented in a conceptual, high-level format, with the understanding that the final scope of work will be refined and detailed after the selection of the Consultant.

Digital Health Canada staff will work with the selected Consultant to design the facilitation process that aligns with work accomplished/in-progress as well as Digital Health Canada staff and Board resources and time constraints.

Specific proposal contents must include:

  • Name of firm
  • Name and contact information for the Consultant
  • Description of the Consultant’s experience and qualifications
  • Indication of availability during project period
  • Statement of Work: brief response on approach to the proposed work
  • Cost proposal, including hourly rate structure
  • At least three references (does not count toward four-page proposal limit)

Proposal Review and Assessment

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Quality of proposed statement of work (5 points)
  • Relevant experience and qualifications of the Consultant (5 points)
  • Availability during project period (3 points)
  • Competitiveness of cost proposal/hourly rate (2 points)

For more information, please contact Shannon Bott, Executive Director, Operations at 416-816-5015 or by email at

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