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Download our brochure for a quick overview, and fill out a brief application form to tell us about your idea. Still have questions? Read the FAQs below or contact

What are the benefits of joining a Community of Action?
  • Volunteering with a Digital Health Canada Community of Action counts toward Continuing Education Unit credits in that calendar year (one year = five credits)
  • Gain valuable professional experience
  • Interact with and learn from experienced digital health professionals
  • Demonstrate your ability to work independently and with a group
  • Increase the size of your professional network
  • Hone your professional skills
  • Take on new tasks, challenges, and responsibilities
  • Build your professional credibility
  • Learn something new and meet new people
How do I volunteer with a Community of Action?
    1. Make sure your Digital Health Canada Membership is current. If you don’t have a membership, become a member today. It only takes a few minutes.
    2. View existing Communities of Action to see if there is one that suits your interests, and if there are any open Volunteer positions.
    3. Don’t see any Communities of Action that interest you? Start your own by submitting a completed application form to
Can I volunteer if I’m not a Digital Health Canada member?

Community of Action volunteer positions are for Digital Health Canada members only. You can join Digital Health Canada today and apply for any Community of Action volunteer position that interests you.

Can I volunteer if I have no professional experience?

Yes. In fact, offering your skills to support a Community of Action that interests you will contribute to career development: you will have the opportunity to learn something new, develop a professional network, and practice new skills.

I already have work and other commitments. How can I find time to contribute?

Because CoA volunteer participants share the workload, your time commitment may be smaller than you think. Most meetings are virtual/over the phone, and each group has their own unique schedule, offering flexibility and making it easy to fit CoA commitments into your existing schedule. If the workload becomes unmanageable, the Digital Health Canada coordinator will canvass for more volunteers to support the needs of the CoA.

I don't see any Communities of Action that interest me. Can I start my own?

Certainly. Start your own by submitting a completed application form to

Fill out an application today.