Digital Health Canada/ANHIX Calgary Winter Conference

Presented in partnership with ANHIX (Alberta Network for Health Information eXchange Society), this long-running annual conference attracts leaders, thinkers, senior executives, and individuals within the health space from Calgary and the surrounding area.

Past conferences

2022 Western Region Topics
  • Success and Lessons of Equitable and Sustainable Healthcare
  • COVID-19 Conspiracies!
  • Anything but COVID!
  • Alberta Health Services Analytics Keynote and Covenant Health Strategy Presentation
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Reflection on the Past Delivery, and Resilient Healthcare
  • BC Virtual Health Leaders
  • Clinical Information Systems implementation during a pandemic
  • What we learned dealing with the pandemic and how can we apply it to healthcare issues
  • Cyber Security
  • What’s Next for Digital Health in BC After the Pandemic?
  • 2022 Western Region Conference Program (PDF)


2021 Topics
  • Evolving Virtual Health in Alberta
  • Fostering a Vibrant Digital Health Sector in Alberta
  • The Border Pilot Program
  • Remote Monitoring for Rapid Pandemic Response
  • ConnectCare Update
  • BC Digital Health Strategy
  • Vaccine Panel Discussion
  • Defining Virtual Care in Canada
  • Digital Health: distraction or opportunity?
  • How the Pandemic is Preparing Healthcare for What’s Next
  • Building Resilience to Global Epidemic Threats Using Big Data
  • 2021 Western Region Conference Program (PDF)
2020 Topics
  • IT Health Innovation
  • Innovation + Impact in Healthcare
  • Let’s Talk Tech – Start Up CEOs
  • Doctors Working to Improve the Health of Canadians
2019 Topics
  • Unlocking the Full Potential of Innovation in Healthcare
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Health
  • Advancing Healthcare Through Digital Innovation
  • Canada Health Infoway – Access 2022
  • Connect Care: Bridging Technology and the Clinical Setting
  • Using Technology to Measure Health Equity and Advance Population Health
  • 2019 Calgary Conference Program (PDF)
2018 Topics
  • Virtual Care: Emerging Ideas, Opportunities and Risks
  • The Value of an Integrated Community Health Record
  • Improvements in the Treatment of Mental Health in the Community
  • Disruptive Technologies Promising to Impact Community HealthcareDelivery
  • 2018 Calgary Winter Conference Program (PDF)
2017 Topics
  • The Vision for Integrated Health Records in Alberta
  • Alberta Health Service’s Enterprise Information Management Governance Framework
  • Precision Medicine – Preparing for the Future
  • Better Information for Better Health – Bridging the Disconnect
  • Digital Health Leadership in Canada
  • Forging the CIS – Foundation & Fundamentals
  • 2017 Calgary Winter ConferenceProgram (PDF)
2016 Topics
  • Helping Albertans Find  Their Way to Better Health
  • One Patient–One Journey
  • Orienting Care to Consumers & Communities
  • Piloting Community Care 360 in Canada
  • Connecting Hospitals & Consumers-The Optum Interactive Platform
  • Linking patient centric information from hospital to home
  • Perspectives on Emerging Consumer Technologies inHealthcare
  • Innovating the Future of Community & Consumer-Based Healthcare in Alberta
  • Future Directions for Community, Social & Consumer Care
  • Community & Primary Health Care Requirements & How Albertans Can Benefit from eHealth Service Delivery
  • What Clinicians Need to be Successful in eHealth Service Delivery
  • What Albertans Need to Access and Optimize the Benefits of eHealth Service Delivery
2015 Topics
  • Analytics at the point of care
  • Analytics: the ‘Big’ in Big Data
  • Stirring & Shaking: Innovation and Transformation in Alberta Healthcare and Beyond
2014 Topics
  • CIO Perspectives on the Alberta Landscape
  • e-Referral System Implementation at Alberta Health Services
  • As I See Health IT–View from the top at AHS
  • The Role of CMIO in Canadian Health IT Views & Perspectives
  • Health IT Now & in the Future–Challenges & Opportunities
2013 Topics
  • Radical, Disruptive, even Destructive – Changing the eHealth game for ur self, ur best friends, ur family