Staying ‘Ahead of the Curve’ in a Rapidly Changing Industry

Digital Health Canada is working to drive innovation by strengthening existing connections and facilitate new relationships. This annual event brings together professionals, organizations, and ideas from across the Vancouver digital health landscape. Attendees connect with existing communities and initiate new relationships within both traditional and emerging segments of health and healthcare in the greater Vancouver area.

The next Ahead of the Curve Conference takes place in Vancouver on February 9, 2023.

Past conferences

2022 Western Region Topics
  • Success and Lessons of Equitable and Sustainable Healthcare
  • COVID-19 Conspiracies!
  • Anything but COVID!
  • Alberta Health Services Analytics Keynote and Covenant Health Strategy Presentation
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Reflection on the Past Delivery, and Resilient Healthcare
  • BC Virtual Health Leaders
  • Clinical Information Systems implementation during a pandemic
  • What we learned dealing with the pandemic and how can we apply it to healthcare issues
  • Cyber Security
  • What’s Next for Digital Health in BC After the Pandemic?
  • 2022 Western Region Conference Program (PDF)


2021 Topics
  • Evolving Virtual Health in Alberta
  • Fostering a Vibrant Digital Health Sector in Alberta
  • The Border Pilot Program
  • Remote Monitoring for Rapid Pandemic Response
  • ConnectCare Update
  • BC Digital Health Strategy
  • Vaccine Panel Discussion
  • Defining Virtual Care in Canada
  • Digital Health: distraction or opportunity?
  • How the Pandemic is Preparing Healthcare for What’s Next
  • Building Resilience to Global Epidemic Threats Using Big Data
  • 2021 Western Region Conference Program (PDF)
2020 Ahead of the Curve Topics
  • Digital Health Strategies Across Canada
  • CIS Implementation: Cerner, Epic and Beyond–the Canadian Experience
  • PatientAccess to Information and PatientPortal Approaches in Ontario, Alberta and BC
  • Innovation Presentation:Using AI to address the scheduling demands of a multi-generational workforce
  • VirtualCare and the Focus on Mental Health
2019 Ahead of the Curve Topics
  • BC’s Digital Health Transformation Imperative
  • Connecting Virtual Care
  • Patient Engagement and Access to Information
  • Canada Health Infoway – Access 2022
  • Brain Tech
  • Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster –Exciting News for Digital Health?
2018 Ahead of the Curve Topics
  • Innovation Governance
  • Data: Moving from Volume to Value
  • Innovation in Consumer-directed Health Management
  • Keynote: Louise Turner, CEO, Innovation Boulevard
2017 Ahead of the Curve Topics
  • Patient Engagement and Connected Care