Meet with local peers in a casual small group

Virtual LinkUps and in-person MeetUps create a space for small groups of Digital Health Canada members to take a break, re-connect, and share stories, challenges, and experiences with other local digital health professionals. The small-group setting gives everyone an opportunity to be heard and join the conversation; the regional focus gives you a chance to talk about issues unique to your province or area. Find the next LinkUp or MeetUp in your region here.

Atlantic Region

May 19, 2022: The future of digital literacy

The pandemic-induced increase in virtual healthcare delivery has sparked an increase in digital literacy while highlighting the need for more learning among some groups. How can we keep the learning momentum alive? What are Atlantic Region healthcare workers doing to maintain their own digital literacy? How can we create equity for groups who need it? What are we doing for populations with access and bandwidth challenges? Moderator: Connie Munroe, Health Lead, Barrington Consulting

March 3, 2022: How can we protect cyber security?

Ransomware attacks increased 350 per cent in 2021 (compared with 2020), and Canada’s Atlantic region is no exception: a November 2020 hack shut down the Saint John, New Brunswick municipal website, and NLCHI was hit by a suspected cyber-attack in late 2021. A recent report by Atlantic Provinces Economic Council (APEC), a Halifax-based think tank, found that Atlantic region firms may need to boost their investment in cybersecurity. Moderator: Tim Calvert, Regional Director of IT and Digital Information Security Officer at Horizon Health Network

December 2, 2021: How are clinical support models evolving?

As Nova Scotia prepares for a province-wide Clinical Information System implementation, we recognize that approximately 36,000 users will need access to a 24/7 clinical support model, both to answer their “how to” questions and to access clinical workflow workarounds. As we expand the deployment of digital health solutions across healthcare, how are clinical support models evolving? Join us for a look at the Nova Scotia draft model which aims to build trust with clinicians through a triad approach via proactive measurement, automation, and a clinically-focused solution centre Moderator: Jamey Martell, Director, One Person One Record, Nova Scotia Health

September 23, 2021: The new age of digital health using AI

There have been countless uses for AI in digital health over the last 18 months. We have seen examples of it across the country including in Quebec where they began using AI for COVID planning in the second wave. The Link-up will focus on a conversation about Atlantic Canada and the uses of AI in digital health.Moderator: Mark Casselman, CEO, Digital Health Canada

June 24, 2021: Implications to open clinical notes

With a growing focus on patient engagement, healthcare continues to evolve practices and policies to involve patients. The US recently released federal rules mandating Open Notes: How long will it be before Canada implements a similar program? Moderator: Angela Power, Director of Data Ethics, Privacy & Engagement, Newfoundland & Labrador Centre for Health Information

April 29, 2021: Effectively engaging patients in their care

When should we be engaging patients? When shouldn’t we be engaging patients? What has worked really well for you? Moderator: Keltie Jamieson, Nova Scotia Health

Saskatchewan Region

May 24, 2022: Understanding the patient partner perspective on digital health

Those of us working in healthcare and healthcare delivery use terms like digital health, virtual care, and patient portal all the time. But what do these terms mean to patients and their partners? Do we understand what digital health, virtual care, or patient portal means to a patient? Do patients see virtual care as enhancing the quality of their care or creating more gaps in care? Does virtual care lead to inequities in care for different populations? If so, what can we do? Moderator: Mary Deren, Virtual Care Coordinator, Saskatchewan Health Authority

January 25, 2022: Moving from digital disengagement to engagement

Private organizations would like to work more collaboratively with health systems when discussing improvement of care outcomes. How do we measure against Digital Health Canada’s Virtual Care Maturity Model Framework? In particular, how do we transition from basic to emerging to advanced in the area of ‘Care models/delivery and sustainability’ (page 11 of Digital Health Canada’s Virtual Care Maturity Model Framework? Let’s also discuss: How Saskatchewan healthcare can support patients and providers to be stewards of personal health information; how public advocacy can support safe and effective use of digital health tools; and how Saskatchewan coped with the vaccine rollout. What worked? What needs improvement? Moderator: Mary Deren, Virtual Care Coordinator, Saskatchewan Health Authority

Alberta Region

May 16, 2022: Workforce support for healthcare workers

Brainstorm solutions for healthcare facilities facing capacity challenges, staff burn out, and resource shortages, with a focus on: Creating capacity in an overburdened health care system; Tools to support healthcare service delivery; Mental health supports for front-line staff. Moderators: Kevin Jones (Strata Health), Chris Carlson (Brightsquid), and Chris Carvalho (Carveira Group)

March 2, 2022: Innovation in Alberta healthcare

Digital health innovations and their impact on healthcare delivery; digital health industry news, including acquisitions, consolidations, and new start-ups; and healthcare delivery challenges, specifically staff shortages and diagnostic accuracy issues in virtual care. Moderators: Kevin Jones (Strata Health), Chris Carlson (Brightsquid), and Chris Carvalho (Carveira Group)

British Columbia Region

May 17, 2022: Harmonizing digital health delivery

There should be a balance of in-person and digital health care delivery with digital health acting as a compliment to, not a replacement of, in-person care. Join us at the next BC Chapter Virtual LinkUp to discuss the following topics: What are the main challenges to equity in the delivery of care through digital health? How can digital health tools be designed and regulated to address these challenges? Are there concerns around new subscription-based digital health services? What risks could these pose to health care equity? How can these challenges be addressed? How can digital health tools be designed and regulated to maintain a balance and ensure that patient preference, practical considerations, and clinical need are taken into account? Moderator: Paul Shrimpton, BC Ministry of Health

March 8, 2022: The digital health pandemic: It’s not just about digitization

During the pandemic, the acceleration of digital health has been everywhere. Not just new digital tools and ideas, but the advancement of tools and ideas that had stalled for various reasons. We also learned that digital health requires so much more than just rapidly implementing tools or digitizing workflows. Join us for the next BC Chapter Virtual LinkUp to discuss urban, urban and rural health insights from the past 18 months. And not just the good news stories, but the untold failures and challenges that made us better digital health professionals. Moderator: Bjorn Butow, Director, Clinical Information Systems, Northern Health

November 29, 2021: How do we keep the digital health momentum going?

There have been many positive projects and forward movement in digital health over the last 18 months. It is important that we keep the conversation about digital health relevant and moving forward. How can we leverage our learning from the past year and a half and continue to transform. Where do we go to next? Shannon Malovec, Chief Digital Health Officer, Provincial Health Services Authority

June 17, 2021: The future of healthcare technology?

The pandemic has shaken up healthcare and given rise to technology changes and innovation. Over the past 18 months, we have had to quickly implement effective solutions that support our healthcare system – at a speed we’ve never had to before. Have we begun to let go of the perfect solution? We have been pushing boundaries out of necessity and our approach to systems and integration has adapted over the last year. Perhaps it is time to rethink some of the overall strategies, methodologies and the pace and speed of delivery.Norma Janssen, Interior Health Authority