Modernizing to meet your professional needs

Thank you for your interest in our brand modernization process and for your continued engagement with the association. This page offers answers to to some of the questions you may have, and will be updated with new information as it becomes available. We welcome your questions and comments. Please contact us at

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Questions and answers

General questions

I don’t see the word “association” in the name. Is Digital Health Canada still a professional membership association?

Yes, we are still a professional membership association. Your membership benefits and privileges will not be affected by the name change.

Is this a national title change or a local title change?

Digital Health Canada is a national association, headquartered in Ontario, with members from across the country.

Are you still the voice of health informatics in Canada?

While we will no longer use the identifying phrase “The voice of Health Informatics in Canada”, we place great value on the health informatics core body of knowledge that forms the basis for our education and certification programs.

How does digital health differ from health informatics?

Digital health is the industry in which we all work. Health informatics is a core discipline and requisite body of knowledge for professionals working in digital health.

What is the scope of digital health? How is it defined?

Digital health can be defined as any technology-enabled care —  digital media, health technology, mobile devices — that gives patients, care givers, and healthcare professionals access to relevant data easily, with the goal of improving the quality of health care. Digital health is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of sub-categories, including m-health, e-health, telehealth, EHR (electronic health records), and more.

What will be Digital Health Canada’s primary focus moving forward?

To serve our members and accelerate the positive change digital health can deliver by connecting the Canadian digital health community, incubating knowledge, and advocating for our profession.

As Digital Health Canada, how will your website change?

Website navigation and user experience will remain unchanged. The only changes you will notice are the colour scheme and new logo.

Are there any other name changes on the horizon?


Why did you decide to change your name to Digital Health Canada?

Our new name and brand signifies our association’s evolution to meet the needs of a complex and broadening digital health industry. To stay current, we as an association must widen our scope to introduce our existing members and community to new industry players, allowing both parties to connect, collaborate, remain current and contribute to leading practice advancements. Our openness to change demonstrates our adaptability and commitment to staying current but consistent in a rapidly changing world. Read more here.

Have you become a government agency (I couldn’t find you in the directory) now that you are Digital Health Canada?

No, we remain a not-for-profit professional association.


Questions about membership

Is your current network of members changing? Will your constituency change now that you have rebranded?

We see great potential for growth in our member network as a result of this brand modernization. Our industry is broadening, and we hope our membership will expand to include traditional care delivery settings (such as hospitals) as well as consumer digital health and retail organizations, start-up technology companies and specialty consulting firms.

If I were to join, what type of members would I be connecting with?

You would have the opportunity to connect with digital health professionals from across the country, working in a broad spectrum of healthcare-related fields. Members include healthcare professionals such as nurses and doctors; teachers and students from leading academic institutions; IT vendors; entrepreneurs; consumers; consultants; software developers; CIOs; researchers, and more.

I am thinking about joining Digital Health Canada. What can this association do for me?

Benefits of membership include networking, volunteer, and education opportunities; discounts on registration for regional and national events, including the e-Health Conference and Tradeshow (Canada’s ONLY national e-health conference and tradeshow); Communities of Action; Webinar Wednesdays; professional certification preparation. See Membership for more details.

Will Digital Health Canada be offering a “value exchange” to “pay” for my membership at reduce cost?

There will be no changes to existing membership fees.

As a consultant where/how can I engage with Digital Health Canada? Will you offer membership packages for small consultants?

Yes! We offer a special corporate rate of $749 for entrepreneurs.

Will my segment still be represented?

Members come from a broad range of sectors, including government, healthcare delivery, academia, technology companies, insurance, consulting, innovation, design, enthusiasts, retail health, consumer health, digital health entrepreneurs.

As Digital Health Canada will my membership change?

Your membership benefits and privileges will not be affected by the name change.

Will changing to Digital Health Canada have any financial impact to my membership?

There will be no changes to existing membership fees.

Will I have access to all the same resources as before?

There will be no change to member resources or access to resources. You will still be able to access resources such as white papers, reports, presentation, webinars through the website, and e-Health presentations at the e-Health Virtual Library.

How were your members included in the selection of the new name?

Our goal throughout this six-month process was to capture input widely and broadly, and to move forward in a focused manner. To that end, we gathered feedback from stakeholder interviews, focus groups (member and non-member), and an open online survey at the e-Health Conference and Tradeshow. In addition, your elected board representative took an active part in every step of the rebranding process and all members had an opportunity to cast their vote on the name change at a special members-only meeting held via webinar on September 14, 2017.­


Questions about education and professional credentials

Will you still offer the CPHIMS-CA credential?

The association offers the Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems – Canada (CPHIMS-CA) certification in conjunction with HIMSS, and will continue to do so under the new name.

I am currently enrolled in CPHIMS-CA courses. How will this impact me?

The name change will have no impact on your course enrollment.

I have the CPHIMS-CA credential. Will the credential name be changing?

The credential name will remain the same.

Will I need a new CPHIMS-CA certificate issued by Digital Health Canada for my credential to remain valid?

Your credential will remain valid and you will not require a new certificate.

Does the career matrix change?

Unrelated to the name change, the career matrix will be updated to reflect current career opportunities in the digital health industry.

What will happen to the practice documents and materials I have contributed to as an author? Will all these still be available? Will I be credited with authorship? Will it be called a Digital Health Canada publication?

All resources will remain available to members. Authorship credits will not change. Existing documents may be refreshed and reissued with a new logo and covers.

What courses will be introduced or removed because of the name change to Digital Health Canada?

No courses will be removed or deleted. In an ongoing effort to meet the educational needs of our members, additional course delivery options may be added in the coming year


Questions about conferences and events

Are you still affiliated with the e-Health Conference?

Yes! We are still one of sponsoring partners of the e-Health Conference and Tradeshow, coming to Vancouver May 37 – 30, 2018.

Will Digital Health Canada still be hosting Webinar Wednesdays?

Yes. Webinar Wednesdays will still be offered free to members each Wednesday from noon to 1pm EST.

Will Digital Health Canada still be hosting Meet-ups and regional events?

Yes. See our Events Calendar for a complete listing of upcoming events.

Will Digital Health Canada still be hosting CHIEF events?

Yes. See our Events Calendar for a complete listing of upcoming events.

Will Digital Health Canada still be coordinating Communities of Action (CoA)s?

Yes. Read more about CoAs here.

Will Digital Health Canada still offer the same vendor and sponsorship opportunities?

Yes. Read more here.


Contact and billing information

Will your staff roster change?

Our staff is growing to better support our member needs. See our National Office Staff here.

Will your staff contact information be changing?

All phone numbers will remain the same. Staff emails will change, however, all emails sent to ‘’ email addresses will be automatically forwarded to the new staff email addresses “”.

Will your street address change?

No. See our contact information here.

I would like to pay my outstanding balance. Who will I address my payment to?

Thank you! You can address your payment to Digital Health Canada.

I have just sent a payment to COACH. Will it bounce?

No. Cheques and payments made out to COACH will still be processed without any difficulty.

Who will I contact if I have payment inquiries?

Please contact All emails sent to ‘’ email addresses will be automatically forwarded to the new staff email addresses.