Eight reasons why lifelong learning is good for you (and your digital health career)


1. Elevate your professional skills

“The Core Health Informatics (Core HI) course offered through Digital Health Canada has helped to elevate my professional skills. I can better collaborate with colleagues at my organization, as well as provide valuable input to implementation projects that involve multiple stakeholders. Some of the units reinforced previous learning I have done in my Bachelor of Health Studies and health professional designations, while other units covered brand new topics I had never learned before.”- Kaitlyn Hebert, B.H.St., RDH, VP Privacy & Safety, Lumeca Health Inc.


2. Understand multiple applications

“From working as a frontline worker to taking on a role in Virtual Health, there were many unknowns for me. In order to help fill the gap, I decided to enrol into the Virtual Care Certificate program. Through the program, I have been exposed to many different applications of virtual care throughout Canada by reading real-world examples. I enjoyed listening to the podcasts and hearing from many leaders about what their struggles with implementing Virtual Care were and how they worked towards overcoming them. Having this learning opportunity all while being given the flexibility of learning at my own pace, has expanded my knowledge of the complexities involved with Virtual Care.” – Simran Bhogal, Clinical Planner, Virtual Health, Vancouver Coastal Health


3. Improve your expertise

“The Digital Health Canada education content helps me strengthen my understanding about health informatics. This breadth of knowledge will enable me to improve my expertise to continue providing the highest level of service and support to our global customers and their patients in the fight against cancer.”François Vincent, Manager, Software Solutions at Varian, a Siemens Healthineers company


4. Understand the role of digital health

“The comprehensiveness of Core HI is what I liked most. It covered many topics that I do not think I would have easily accessed in one place, otherwise. I have used this knowledge to anticipate needs of our customers and stakeholders, while helping me to better understand them when they communicate their needs to our team. Overall, Core HI has helped to broaden my professional scope, and help me understand how my role impacts multiple layers of digital health technology, analysis/evaluation and information/project management. I’d recommend Core HI to any Digital Health Canada member looking to broaden their knowledge and enhance their ability to collaborate across many spectrums of the digital health portfolio.” – Kaitlyn Hebert, B.H.St., RDH, VP Privacy & Safety, Lumeca Health Inc.


5. Identify knowledge gaps

“I joined my company in 2018 and conducted extensive research on the virtual care landscape in Canada. When I saw the the Virtual Care Certificate content available through Digital Health Canada, I knew that this would be a great way to reinforce my learnings and identify any gaps of knowledge I may have had. It did just that! The course design is perfect for the busy professional as it is delivered in a way that suits the adult learner. If you’re looking to be a part of the positive growth for virtual care in Canada, I highly recommend taking this certificate!”- Kaitlyn Hebert, B.H.St., RDH, VP Privacy & Safety, Lumeca Health Inc.


6. Contribute to your own career growth

“As a digital health professional who coaches and mentors hundreds on their career in this field, I always recommend Digital Health Canada’s education offerings. The Virtual Care Certificate is one of my go-to courses for clients and my mentees.” – Zen Tharani, CEO and Executive Coach, Xenex Consulting Inc.


7. Learn the terminology

“Particularly in the fields of health care and technology, it’s important to be a lifelong learner to keep abreast of the constantly shifting landscape and to leveraging the advancements that will have a positive impact on our patients and staff. The Virtual Care Certificate offered by Digital Health Canada is effective in familiarizing oneself with the terminology, trends and considerations of the rapidly growing and evolving area of virtual care.Carmen Leavitt, IT Director, Virtual Health Technologies, Alberta Health Services


8. Prepare for the CPHIMS-CA credential exam

“Resource Guide to Digital Health in Canada has always been one of the first sources of information for understanding the healthcare principles and practices in the Canadian Healthcare System. It has also played a vital role in preparing for the CPHIMS–CA Exam.Amjad Khan, Project Manager / HICT Specialist, Hamad Medical Corporation