Continuing Education Provider education offerings meet high standards for curriculum quality and value, and we are confident that our partnership with Microsoft delivers valuable education opportunities to our members. Microsoft and other Continuing Education Providers understand that certified digital health professionals need regular skills upgrades to stay at the top of their field and grow the profession.

These courses will benefit members looking for professional growth and development opportunities as well as CPHIMS-CA certification. They also serve as key learning resources and opportunities for professionals coming from other industries—financial services, technology, and retail health—and working to transform health service delivery.

Microsoft Virtual Training Days are monthly virtual training events hosted and moderated by certified Microsoft instructors for Canadian healthcare IT professionals looking to skill up on foundational concepts in cloud services, artificial intelligence, hybrid work, security, and low code platforms.

Download the Microsoft Virtual Training Days Fully Funded Certification Exam FAQ PDF here.

New courses include:


Please note: course sessions are renewed monthly from January until June. If you miss a course session, revisit the link to register for an upcoming session.

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