Increase the value of your digital health-related conference or event by offering attendees Continuing Education Units they can apply toward CPHIMS-CA certification renewal.

Conference Continuing Education Provider status includes:

  • Your logo with a link to the URL of your choice featured on our website
  • Your event listed on the Digital Health Canada events calendar
  • Promotional image with link on the Digital Health Canada LMS dashboard
  • Approval to use the Digital Health Canada Continuing Education Provider image on your content or website
Step 1. Find out if your event is eligible
Prepare the following information for each event under consideration for Conference Continuing Education Provider status:

  • Conference title and location
  • Conference schedule, session titles, and speaker bios
  • Conference learning objectives/key outcomes (250 words or less)

Attach your eligibility content to an email at the link below.


Step 2. Read the Terms of Agreement

Submitting payment for Continuing Education Provider status through the Digital Health Canada store indicates that you have read and understood the following terms:

  • The approved Continuing Education Provider (CEP) provider is responsible for maintaining the content and quality of any program that has received approval from Digital Health Canada.
  • The CEP provider will send content for the appropriate category (Academic Institutions, Conferences and Events, or Onsite Workshops) annually to
  • The CEP organization will provide attending CPHIMS-CA credential holders with documentation/proof of their attendance at accredited sessions(s). The certificate will indicate: credit date, program title, activity type, educational provider and number of Continuing Education (CE) hours earned (optional).
  • Calculation of CE hours is based upon clock hours. One CE is given for each 60 minutes of live instruction/ presentation. Fractional parts of an hour will not be awarded a full hour credit. If the program is 5 1/2 hours long, 5.5 CE hours are awarded.
  • Maintenance – The organization approved as a Continuing Education Provider will provide Digital Health Canada with updated CE hours on an annual basis, or when any significant changes is made to the original content submitted for approval.
  • Complaints – If Digital Health Canada receives a complaint through monitoring that a CEP may not comply with the requirements for approval, Digital Health Canada will contact the CEP in writing to request documentation for its investigation and request a response to the complaint or concern within 30 days.
  • Probation – If the CEP fails to submit the documentation and a response to Digital Health Canada within 30 days, the CEP will immediately be notified in writing and placed on a probation for a ninety day period.
  • Outcome of Probation – If a CEP sends Digital Health Canada the appropriate documentation and response, and the investigation reveals that the complaint or concern does not support noncompliance, Digital Health Canada will notify the program sponsor and remove the probationary status. If a program sponsor does not comply with Digital Health Canada’s request for investigatory documentation or the documentation does not support compliance with the requirements for approval, the program sponsor will be notified of revocation of approval status at the end of the 90-day probation period. Any fees paid will not be refunded. Digital Health Canada reserves the right to revoke an organizations CEP status at any time if it violates existing or updated guidelines required to maintain the status as a CEP.
  • Acknowledgment of Marketing and Communications Requirement/CPHIMS-CA Logo License Agreement – The license is effective from the date of approval for only the approved session(s). The license is not transferable to any other program not reviewed by HIMSS and Digital Health Canada. The CEP agrees to the following terms and conditions of this limited license: 1. All policies and guidelines will be followed as outlined in this application. 2. The CPHIMS-CA logo remains the property of HIMSS and Digital Health Canada at all times. The logo may be displayed utilizing the official logo colours and must be used as a single unit in its entirety. The CEP agrees that the logo will not be positioned, so as to imply an endorsement by Digital Health Canada or HIMSS for the sponsor’s program(s). The CEP is not authorized to use the logo for any programs or services other than those named on the Continuing Education Provider Application. 3. The CEP agrees to include the approved language immediately following the CPHIMS-CA logo, with no intervening text between the logo and approved language. 4. The CEP, if a Digital Health Canada member, will have their logo displayed on the Digital Health Canada website as an approved Continuing Education Provider.
  • Non-Compliance Policy – The Limited License Agreement specifically governs use of the CPHIMSCA logo and approved language. Organizations using unapproved CPHIMS-CA logos or language will not receive continuing education approval. Variations in logo usage or language are not permitted. In situations in which the logo and language have been used without approval, the CEP must issue a notice to program attendees stating the inappropriate use of the logo and language. The CEP will be invoiced for the inappropriate use of the CPHIMS-CA logo and/or language, based on a fee of $200 per contact hour.
Step 3. Process your payment
Conference CEP Status is $1350 plus tax for Digital Health Canada members; $1550 plus tax for non-members. Complete your application by processing your payment through our secure store (please note that receipt of payment indicates that you have read and understood the Terms of Agreement).