Roundtables are facilitated discussions around a specific topic where thought leaders and decision-makers from across the country share experiences and provide insight, perspective, and knowledge in a unique interactive setting. Participants will engage in discussion on their chosen topic, working towards the goal of a shared objective, recommendation, or 2-3 actionable takeaways.

The 2023 Spring Symposium roundtable sessions will consist of 55 minutes of discussion (concurrent from 10:15 – 11:30 am) followed by 20 minutes of knowledge sharing, during which each table will report top takeaways to the plenary group. Please read the descriptions below and select which roundtable discussion you would like to join.

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Roundtable 1: Culture of collaboration and unconventional partnerships
Where do CHIEF Executive Forum members see more opportunities to increase collaboration for better results? By joining resources and expertise through a PPP, public and private stakeholders can reduce costs/burden, share risk, as well as gains, and help each other capture greater value. The efficiency and success of PPPs is dependent on strong governance and the integral role of a neutral innovation enabler at the interface between public and private stakeholders.

Facilitated by:

  • Niraj Dalmia, Partner at Deloitte Canada, Adjunct Lecturer, Healthcare & Life Sciences AI Leader
  • Monika Kumari, Executive Director, Digital Standards and Credentials, Health Canada


Roundtable 2: Using data to address healthcare delivery inequalities

Healthcare data and analytics can drive innovation and improvements in the quality and efficiency of healthcare services, leading to better and more equitable patient outcomes. However, these can only be realized when data is high quality, comprehensive, and integrated (see Pan-Canadian Health Data Strategy). Without this, lack of reliability, bias, and health data gaps will inhibit the promotion of equity and care delivery. During this roundtable, we will explore the role of data and analytics through use cases demonstrating the potential of data-driven solutions to improve healthcare quality, equity, and outcomes.

Facilitated by:

  • Geoff Hynes, Manager, Canadian Population Health Initiative, CIHI


Roundtable 3: Reframing data privacy—from custodianship to stewardship

For too long, privacy constraints have been seen as barriers to data sharing and have prevented the realization of the benefits that come from shared data. What steps can be taken to reframe this view and complement the practices of data custodianship that protect information with concepts of data stewardship? Data must be kept safe, but how can we move forward with tools and governance that enable the use and sharing of data in ways that bring value to all participants in the health system?

Facilitated by:

  • Abigail Carter-Langford, Executive Vice President of Governance, Risk & Compliance and Chief Privacy & Security Officer, Canada Health Infoway


Roundtable 4: Shared pan-Canadian Interoperability Roadmap

In this session, Canada Health Infoway will provide a brief overview of the draft Canadian Interoperability Roadmap and an update on the progress to date and discuss the next phase of work. One of the priority areas being pursued as part of the Roadmap is improving data portability and preventing data blocking, with an initial focus on data stored in electronic medical records used by GPs and specialists in their offices. CHIEF Executive Forum members can share their insights on obstacles that have prevented progress to date, how these can be overcome, and how best to mobilize the clinical and vendor community.
Facilitated by:

  • Abhi Kalra, Vice-president, Canada Health Infoway


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