An interactive, trusted environment for senior professionals.

CHIEF Executive Forum provides a place for senior professionals and leaders in digital health and healthcare to collaborate, exchange best practices, address professional development needs, and offer their expertise in setting the agenda for the effective use of information and technology to improve health and healthcare in Canada. Contact us to inquire about a CHIEF membership.


Why Join CHIEF?

CHIEF offers unique opportunities for HI leaders to meet, discuss and publish their findings. CHIEF Members benefit from networking to build trusted relationships within the digital health community in Canada; leading the digital health conversation with the publication of white papers and reports: and collaborating to solve complex healthcare problems together and to advocate for the industry.


  • Access to Executives responsible for overall IT service delivery and budget accountability
  • Plan with the highest-ranking clinical informatics professional in the medical or nursing areas
  • Debate key and timely issues in a trusted environment
  • Opportunity to review developing business strategies and test new ideas
  • Be part of an influential organization that strives to influence the agenda for the effective use of information management and technology


  • Exchange best practices and lessons learned information among Industry Partners and C-Suite leaders
  • Access to CHIEF Perspective industry leader webinars presenting innovative ideas and new developments
  • Ability to address the unique professional development needs of “second-in command” senior staff

External Relationships

  • Engage in open dialogue among fellow colleagues who share similar experiences
  • Develop a pan-Canadian professional network
  • Access to CHIEF’s membership directory
  • Participate in face-to face symposiums learning from industry specific experts

Association Services

  • Advice on how to leverage market opportunities and maximize CHIEF membership opportunities
  • Assistance in arranging initial business meetings


Who joins CHIEF?

Membership in CHIEF is targeted primarily at senior professionals and industry leaders who influence or set the direction for IM/IT/HI clinical decision-making in the healthcare community. Included among our members are those who are in charge of major divisions/areas within a large health services or corporate healthcare-related organization or region and are responsible for policy, strategy, delivery, or key provider groups.

Members typically come from the following types of organizations:

  • Federal entity (CEO)
  • Provincial ministry
  • Health region or Local Health Integrated Network (LHIN)
  • Hospital/acute care facility
  • Ambulatory facility
  • Primary care and/or home healthcare
  • Specialty hospital or service (e.g. Paediatrics, Geriatrics, Cancer, Mental Health)
  • National or provincial association representing key provider groups
  • Corporation
  • Non-governmental organization (NGO)

CHIEF Member titles include:

  • Area Vice President
  • Business Intelligence Program Lead
  • CEO
  • CFO
  • Chief Architect
  • Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)
  • Chief Medical Informatics Officer
  • Chief Medical Information Officer
  • Chief Nursing Officer
  • Chief Strategy & Quality Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • CIO
  • Director IM/IT
  • Director Clinical Informatics & Technology
  • Director of Quality, Risk and Patient Safety
  • Director Regional Provincial Projects
  • Director, Clinical Informatics
  • Director, Data Governance
  • Director, eHealth
  • Director, Health Policy & IT Strategy
  • Director, Information Systems
  • Director, Information Technology, IS
  • Director, Knowledge Exchange Centre
  • Director, Medical Informatics
  • Director, Research Administration
  • Director, Transformation, ICT
  • EMR & Physician Advisor
  • EMR Advisor
  • Executive Director, Corp IMIT Services
  • Executive Director, IMIT Solutions, Capital Projects
  • Executive Director Information Technology
  • Executive Vice President
  • General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer
  • Head of Sales
  • Information Management Strategy Program Lead
  • Partner
  • Portfolio Manager
  • President & CEO
  • Program Manager, Enabling Technoloiges
  • Project Director Partnerships and Innovation
  • Project Lead IT
  • Research Development & Innovation Officer
  • Sr. Director Operations
  • Sr. Director, Informatics
  • Sr. Director E-Health Strategist
  • VP Informatics & Analytics
  • VP Client Development
  • VP Corporate Strategy & Development CIO
  • VP Programs and Priorities
  • VP Organizational Performance and Public Affairs
  • VP Business Capabilities
  • VP Clinical Information Programs & Quality
  • VP Innovation & Chief Technology Officer
  • VP Quality Systems & CIO
  • VP Strategy, Innovation & CIO
  • VP Analytics & Innovation
  • VP Business Development and Sales
  • VP Digital Health Engagement
  • VP Information Management, CIO & CPO
  • VP Product Strategy & Delivery
  • VP Research & Chief Innovation Officer
  • VP Technology Services
CHIEF Member Responsibilities

CHIEF’s vitality is rooted in an engaged and active membership. Member attendance at CHIEF Symposia coupled with a willingness to contribute to working groups, discussions, presentations, and publications is strongly encouraged (if a member is unable to attend a session, a senior-level proxy representative is acceptable). CHIEF seeks to maintain and extend its broad geographic, organizational and business representation, and members are encouraged to actively recruit new members from within their network.

CHIEF Executive Membership

A public sector organization purchasing a CHIEF Executive Membership for $995 per year (April 1 – March 31) may assign CHIEF Membership privileges to three senior-level people within the organization. Membership includes free registration for the CHIEF Spring and Fall Symposia.

Contact to inquire about CHIEF Executive Membership.

CHIEF Corporate Membership

The involvement of the private sector community is vital to the quality and longevity of CHIEF. Corporate Members contribute their active participation, industry experience and in-depth insight to health informatics discussions at the semi-annual CHIEF Symposia, and throughout the Membership year. Networking opportunities between CHIEF Corporate Members and CHIEF Executive Members, among whom are Canada’s foremost healthcare executives, contributes to a free-flow of innovative ideas, lasting professional ties and invaluable business relationships.

Private-sector corporations involved in furthering health informatics/digital health may purchase CHIEF Corporate Membership for one year (April 1 – March 31). Corporate Membership includes membership privileges for two senior-level people within the organization. CHIEF Corporate Members receive free Digital Health Canada Membership and free registration for both CHIEF Symposia (Spring and Fall).

Contact to inquire about a CHIEF Corporate Membership.

The CHIEF Advisory Committee