Health Canada Board of Directors election 2019-2020

Four 2019 – 2021 Board of Directors positions are open for election. Nominations closed March 1, 2019, and an online election will take place between April 8 – 19, 2019. All Digital Health Canada members in good standing will be notified of the election via email. Those who have been elected to the Board of Directors will be notified by April 29, 2019.

Election Update

In June 2014, Digital Health Canada updated its by-laws to comply with Canada Not for Profit Corporations Act.

In accordance with our by-laws and Articles of Continuance, Digital Health Canada can have from seven to 12 Board members, to be determined by resolution of the board. There are currently nine Digital Health Canada Board members: one President, one Vice-President, one Secretary-Treasurer, and six Directors, plus one non-voting Board Member.

In order to be a voting Director, you must be elected to the Board by the membership. Four Board Director positions are available to be filled in the 2019 election.

Board of Directors serve for two years. Board members currently fulfilling year two of their two-year terms are Dr. Raza Abidi, Helene ClementKeltie Jamieson, Shannon Malovec, Mary Sanagan, and Leon Salvail (non-voting).

Board members with two-year terms ending this year:

  • Angela Copeland, Board Vice-President (Vice President is a one-year term). Angela is running in this election.
  • Shiran Isaacksz, Board President (President is a two-year term). Shiran is in the middle of his term as President and is running in this election.
  • Ted Scott, Board Director, is running in this election
  • Gillian Sweeney, Board Secretary-Treasurer (S-T is a one-year term). Gillian is not running in this election.

Contact if you have questions about the election, or have not received your voting link for the online election ending April 19, 2019.

Meet the 2019-2020 Candidates