2021 Women Leaders in Digital Health: Dr. Kayleigh Gordon

Dr. Kayleigh Gordon, Director of Client Experience and Curation, VITALL

Canada and the world can be transformed through the uplifting of digital healthcare. Dr. Gordon has dedicated her life work towards this incredible goal. Striving for excellence and having the highest integrity, Dr. Gordon is committed to this pursuit of moving the digital healthcare agenda forward. She is a role model for many and is an irreplaceable asset in the organization. Dr. Gordon has my strongest support for this award.

Dr. Kayleigh Gordon is a digital health technology leader who combines her clinical, academic, and research expertise to advocate for and empower patients. She puts theory into practice in her role as the Director of Client Experience and Curation at VITALL, a Canadian digital health technology start-up.

Kayleigh is uniquely positioned as a trusted colleague in healthcare, academia, and industry alike because of her proven experience practicing as a nurse in both Canada and the United States, her doctoral research, and her current role creating digital health technology solutions.

Kayleigh’s desire for effective organizational communication drove her to ask why there were not better solutions as a nurse, observing the disconnect in patients’ records from one institution to the next, their lack of access to their own personal health information, and how this made it challenging for them (or their caregivers) to advocate for their health. She responded by attempting to bridge the connection between patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers, by connecting all of them to the individuals’ complete health history through a digital technology solution she helped create, effectively supporting improved communication across the system and empowering patients’ understanding of their own health.

She pursues innovation with confidence, seeking to make a significant impact in Canadian healthcare by implementing an untethered personal health record. Whether advocating for an individual patient at their bedside or advocating for digital advances across the system, Kayleigh’s influence is life-changing and could modernize the entire model of our healthcare system.

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