2021 Emerging Leader of the Year: Naima Salemohamed

Naima Salemohamed, Management Consultant – Gevity part of Accenture

Naima has a passion for digital health and believes that the effective use of health informatics can improve the quality of life of those both in Canada and abroad.

As an emerging leader in the industry, Naima has stepped up to participate in a variety of projects. During the beginning of COVID, she took on a new Implementation Lead role to expand home health monitoring across Canada to ensure COVID patients were able to be cared for at home while also supporting those who were managing chronic diseases. In her current role, she has been integral in the supply chain management (inventory) component of the BC Vaccine Rollout. Naima has stepped up to facilitate workshops, lead engagement sessions, and manage reporting requirements for the Data and Analytics team at the Ministry of Health. Naima has been recognized by different leadership in the Health Authorities for her work in this role. For example, Naima was recognized by Senior Leadership for her dedication to the successful go-live for the adoption of the Inventory system for vaccine management, and her team was also recognized by Dr.Penny Ballem who is leading the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Additionally, Naima took on the role of re-vamping Gevity’s social media strategy to help increase engagement. In this role, she has contributed to the significantly increased focus on digital health and created new conversations on social media to promote the digital health work of Gevity.

Naima is an avid networker and a champion of using social media effectively to connect with others in the healthcare space. Naima is eager to share her journey in the Health Informatics world and has demonstrated her commitment to improving, sharing, and building the Health Informatics community.

Naima has also organized networking events for young professionals to interact with mid-level managers and senior directors in the health informatics field. She has also assisted with the planning of local and national conferences for the digital health community across Canada.

Naima is known for her leadership, social awareness, and health system transformation vision. Naima is recognized for her passion for digital health, her exceptional project management skills and her commitment to programs achieving Triple Aim outcomes. I can’t wait to see what Naima accomplishes in the next five years of her career and beyond!

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